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  • Benaud N, Edwards RJ, Amos TG, D’Agostino PM, Gutiérrez-Cháveza C, Montgomery K, Nicetic I & Ferrari BC (2020): Antarctic desert soil bacteria exhibit high novel natural product potential, evaluated through long-read genome sequencing and comparative genomics. Environmental Microbiology. Nov 2. doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.15300 [Env. Micro.] [PubMed]

  • Sarma RR, Edwards RJ, Crino OL, Eyck HJF, Waters PD, Crossland MR, Shine R & Rollins LA (2020): Do epigenetic changes drive corticosterone responses to alarm cues in larvae of an invasive amphibian? Integrative and Comparative Biology 60(6):1481-1494. [Integrative and Comparative Biology] [PubMed]

  • Edwards RJ, Paulsen K, Aguilar Gomez CM & Pérez-Bercoff Å (2020): Computational Prediction of Disordered Protein Motifs using SLiMSuite. Methods Mol Biol. 2141:37-72. [MiMB] [PubMed]

  • Johansson SA, Stephenson P, Edwards RJ, Yoshida K, Moore M, Terauchi R, Zubkov MV, Terry MJ & Bibby TS (2020): Isolation and molecular characterisation of Dunaliella tertiolecta with truncated light-harvesting antenna for enhanced photosynthetic efficiency. Algal Research 48:101917. [Algal Research]

  • Field MA, Rosen BD, Dudchenko O, Chan EKF, Minoche AM, Edwards RJ, Barton K, Lyons RJ, Enosi Tuipulotu D, Hayes VM, Omer AD, Colaric Z, Keilwagen J, Skvortsova K, Bogdanovic O, Smith MA, Lieberman Aiden E, Smith TPL, Zammit RA & Ballard JWO (2020): Canfam_GSD: De novo chromosome-length genome assembly of the German Shepherd Dog (Canis lupus familiaris) using a combination of long reads, optical mapping, and Hi-C. GigaScience 9(4):giaa027. [GigaScience] [PubMed]







  • Jones BM, Iglesias-Rodriguez MD, Skipp PJS, Edwards RJ, Greaves MJ, Young JR, Elderfield H & O'Connor CD (2013): Responses of the Emiliania huxleyi proteome to ocean acidification. PLoS One 8(4): e61868. [PubMed] [PLoS One] [PDF] [Press Release]


  • Davey NE, Cowan JL, Shields DC, Gibson TJ, Coldwell MJ & Edwards RJ (2012): SLiMPrints: conservation-based discovery of functional motif fingerprints in intrinsically disordered protein regions. Nucleic Acids Research 40(21): 10628-41. [PubMed] [Nucleic Acids Res.] [PDF]

  • Ient B, Edwards RJ, Mould R, Hannah M, Holden-Dye LM & O'Connor V (2012): HSP-4 endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress pathway is not activated in a C. elegans model of ethanol intoxication and withdrawal. Invertebrate Neuroscience 12(2): 93-102. [PubMed] [Invert. Neurosci.] [PDF]

  • Dinkel H, Michael S, Weatheritt RJ, Davey NE, Van Roey K, Altenberg B, Toedt G, Uyar B, Seiler M, Budd A, Jödicke L, Dammert MA, Schroeter C, Hammer M, Schmidt T, Jehl P, McGuigan C, Dymecka M, Chica C, Luck K, Via A, Chatr-Aryamontri A, Haslam N, Grebnev G, Edwards RJ, Steinmetz MO, Meiselbach H, Diella F & Gibson TJ (2012): ELM—the database of eukaryotic linear motifs. Nucleic Acids Research 40(D1): D242-D251. [PubMed] [Nucleic Acids Res.] [ELM]

  • Edwards RJ, Davey NE, O'Brien K & Shields DC (2012): Interactome-wide prediction of short, disordered protein interaction motifs in humans. Molecular Biosystems 8: 282-95. [Mol. BioSyst.] [PubMed] [PDF] [SI] [SLiMdb]


  • Davey NE, Haslam NJ, Shields DC & Edwards RJ (2011): SLiMSearch 2.0: biological context for short linear motifs in proteins. Nucleic Acids Research 39: W56-W60. [Nucleic Acids Res.] [PubMed] [PDF] [Webserver]

  • Crisford A, Murray C, O'Connor V, Edwards RJ, Kruger N, Welz C, von Samson-Himmelstjerna G, Harder A, Walker RJ & Holden-Dye L. (2011): Selective Toxicity of the Anthelmintic Emodepside Revealed by Heterologous Expression of Human KCNMA1 in Caenorhabditis elegans. Molecular Pharmacology 79 (6): 1031-43. [Mol. Pharmacol.] [PubMed] [PDF]

  • Jones BM*, Edwards RJ*, Skipp PJ, O'Connor CD & Iglesias-Rodriguez MD (2011): Shotgun Proteomic Analysis of Emiliania huxleyi, a Marine Phytoplankton Species of Major Biogeochemical Importance. Marine Biotechnology 13(3): 496-504. [Mar Biotechnol.] [PubMed] [PDF] [SI] *Joint first authors


  • Davey NE, Haslam NJ, Shields DC & Edwards RJ (2010): SLiMSearch: a webserver for finding novel occurrences of short linear motifs in proteins, incorporating sequence context. In: Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics Edited by Dijkstra TMH, Tsivtsivadze E, Marchiori E & Heskes T. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics 6282: 50-61. [Springer] [PDF] [Webserver] [Video]

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