Sunday 28 January 2024

Toward genome assemblies for all marine vertebrates: current landscape and challenges

The first Ocean Genomes paper is now out! This one is a small commentary piece, but some high-quality genomes are on their way - watch this space. Well, actually, watch this space at Genomes on a Tree!

de Jong E, Parata L, Bayer PE, Corrigan S & Edwards RJ (2024): Toward genome assemblies for all marine vertebrates: current landscape and challenges. Gigascience 13:giad119. [Gigascience] [PubMed]

Marine vertebrate biodiversity is fundamental to ocean ecosystem health but is threatened by climate change, overharvesting, and habitat degradation. High-quality reference genomes are valuable foundational scientific resources that can inform conservation efforts. Consequently, global consortia are striving to produce reference genomes for representatives of all life. Here, we summarize the current landscape of available marine vertebrate reference genomes, including their phylogenetic diversity and geographic hotspots of production. We discuss key logistical and technical challenges that remain to be overcome if we are to realize the vision of a comprehensive reference genome library of all marine vertebrates.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Happy New Year! Updates coming soon...

It's been a really busy year or so, getting the Minderoo OceanOmics Centre at UWA fully staffed and operational, and blog content has suffered as a result. Stay tuned for a backlog of publications (see Publications tab) and other news - including some of the first outputs to come out of Ocean Genomes, and exciting updates to the Oceans Insitute strategy.