Monday 23 February 2015

Deadline for Semester 2 international PhD studentships

The UNSW deadline for Semester 2 PhD applications for International Students is 26 Feb 2015. To allow sufficient time for assessment and processing, any Edwards Lab applications must be received TODAY (23 Feb 2015) for Semester 2, 2015. (Supported applicants will still need to make a UNSW application for the deadline.) Any applications received after this date will be considered for Semester 1, 2016. Unfortunately, these things need to be planned and researched a long time in advance!

Wednesday 4 February 2015

ABiC2014 posters on F1000Posters

Better late than never, both posters from ABiC2014 are now on F1000Posters, along with many other great posters from the conference:

Richard J Edwards, Ranjeeta Menon, Nicolas Palopoli & Jason FH Wong (2015) Molecular mimicry in viruses and cancer. F1000Posters 6: 101.

Nicolas Palopoli & Richard J Edwards (2014) Computational prediction of protein interaction motifs using interaction networks and 3-dimensional structures. F1000Posters 5: 1682.