Friday 22 July 2022

The Edwards Lab is moving to the UWA Oceans Institute!

More details will follow but, in August, I will be starting a new position at the University of Western Australia Oceans Institute to head up the new Ocean Genomes Laboratory as part of the Minderoo OceanOmics Centre. This exciting project will collaborate closely with the Minderoo Foundation, the Vertebrate Genome Project, and scientists across Australia to create marine vertebrate reference genomes.

The goal of the Ocean Genomes Lab is "building and openly publishing the reference libraries for marine vertebrates ... to accurately detect, monitor and determine the health of these species". The lab is still being setup and we're hiring. Currently available is a Level B postdoc positions: If building genomes is your thing, and you want to help fight the biodiversity crisis in our oceans, come and work with me! (Or pass it on if you know someone who does!) Research Assistant positions will follow.

Look out for a bunch of updates over the next few weeks, both as I update some of the outstanding presentations and posters from this year, and as the website rebrands. In the meantime, please get in touch if any of this sounds interesting!