Wednesday 16 January 2019

We have a new 10x Supernova assembly lab record

One of our sequencing approaches to play with at the moment is 10x Chromium linked read, assembled with Supernova. We’ve now done a bunch of different species, and they mostly come out pretty decent - and excellent value for money. As part of the Oz Mammals Genomics project, we are currently assembling several rock-wallabies. One of them, Petrogale mareeba has just broken our lab record for the most intact assembly - initial “pseudohaploid” stats:

  • Total length of sequences: 3,329,538,806
  • Max. length of sequences: 275,258,067
  • N50 length of sequences: 47,482,977
  • L50 count of sequences: 20
  • Gap (N) length: 40,183,160 (1.21%)

Over half of the 3.3 Gb genome is covered by just twenty scaffolds, at least 47.5 Mb in length - the longest is over 275 Mb! (We normally feel pretty happy to get an N50 of a few Mb.) Cuter than a cane toad too!

Photo credit: Richard.Fisher CC BY 2.0