Opportunities in the lab will be posted here as well as the main blog. Please see the UNSW BABS webpage for potential Honours projects and information regarding postgraduate applications. Click here for all posts related to jobs/scholarships.

PhD Scholarships

The lab does not currently hold any grants for funding PhD students but enthusiastic and motivated students are always welcome to apply. Informal enquiries are welcome but generic “Dear Sir/Professor” emails will be ignored. Please see the How to apply for a PhD in the Edwards Lab post (Jan 2015) for detailed instructions.

Undergraduate Honours Projects

Potential future Honours students are welcome to drop by and discuss potential projects for the upcoming semester at any time. In addition to the projects listed in the Honours booklet, a variety of projects related to genomics, short linear motifs (SLiMs) and protein-protein interactions are available. All projects are 100% computational but prior programming experience is not essential.

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