Monday 27 May 2019

Stephanie Chen (PhD student)

Stephanie H. Chen joined the Edwards Lab at UNSW as a PhD student in May 2019. She is working on a collaborative project with the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust and is co-supervised by Richard Edwards and Jason Bragg. Her research focuses on landscape genomics of Myrtaceae species (includes eucalypts, paperbarks, and tea-trees) and the genetic basis of resistance to myrtle rust, which is of pressing concern to Australia’s native biodiversity. She is also contributing to assembling and annotating the waratah (Telopea speciosissima) genome as part of the Genomics for Australian Plants Framework Initiative.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) (First Class Honours and the University Medal) from the University of Sydney, Australia, with a major in Plant Science.


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  1. I heard Stephanie Chen being interviewed on the Branch Out podcast. I was impressed at her ability to explain her subject in an accessible way. It was also nice to hear someone speak who doesn't start every sentence with "Ah" or "Um" and end it with "You know." I expect her to do well when it comes time for her to defend her thesis.