Tuesday 9 July 2019

We’ve been funded! ARC Linkage - Optimising plant populations for ecological restoration and resilience

We are very happy to report another successful ARC Linkage grant application.

LP180100721: Optimising plant populations for ecological restoration and resilience

Dr Richard Edwards; Professor Justin Borevitz; Dr Jason Bragg; Dr Maurizio Rossetto; Dr Brett Summerell; Dr Marlien van der Merwe

When choosing individual plants for restoration populations, there is potentially a trade-off between maximising genetic diversity (‘adaptability’) and selection for desirable properties (‘adaptation’). This project aims to develop pioneering methods to quantify this trade-off, and facilitate the design of optimised populations, with a focus on two Australian rainforest trees that are being impacted by myrtle rust infection: Rhodamnia argentea and Rhodamnia rubescens. By studying the genetic variation in each species, and how this relates to myrtle rust resistance and climate, this project aims to design populations that are genetically diverse, maximally resistant to myrtle rust, and adapted to future climate.

We are collaborating with the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust to apply genomics to challenges of conservation for rainforest trees in the face of climate change and invasive pathogens.

There will be job and studentship opportunities associated with this grant, so watch this space (or get in touch)!

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