Thursday 25 August 2016

Honours and undergrad research opportunities


BABS are currently recruiting the next cohort of Honours students for Semester 1 2017. As usual, the EdwardsLab is looking to recruit enthusiastic students in two main areas:

1. Functional genomics using long-read PacBio sequencing. We are particularly keen to get a student to work on either (a) aspects of our ARC Linkage grant, investigating the evolution of a novel biochemical pathway in yeast, or (b) de novo whole genome sequencing of the cane toad. We also have a number of projects with bacteria for those with a keen interest in microbiology. In each case, the lab is collaborating with experts in the relevant organisms.

2. Applying biological sequence analysis and molecular evolution to study the molecular basis of protein-protein interactions. The main lab software, SLiMSuite has a number of improvements and developments that would benefit from some dedicated attention from a research student. We are also looking for someone who might want to help develop the lab servers.

More details of honours can be found on the BABS website, or please get in touch if you have questions about specific projects. Applications from non-UNSW students are also encouraged.

* BABS are also running an Honours information and networking night on 16th September.*

Summer Vacation Research Scholarships

BABS is once again running its highly successful Summer Vacation Research Scholarship (SVRS) scheme and the EdwardsLab are looking to take on one or two students in the same areas as indicated above.

How to apply

We do not yet have a specific undergraduate application form but it is helpful if you can follow the PhD application process and just make it clear that you are interested in Honours or SVRS. As well as helping select between applicants, this form is also useful for me to make sure that students are assigned an appropriate project.

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