Monday, 18 March 2019

Term 2 Honours projects available

For any students completing their undegrad studies in UNSW Term 1, or external students finishing before June 2019, the UNSW Term 2 honours student application is now open. Deadline for Term 2 applications is 5pm Friday 12th April 2019. For how to apply please check the Faculty link:

As usual, the EdwardsLab is looking to recruit enthusiastic students in genomics, in two main areas:

  1. Comparative genomics and molecular evolution in yeast, using long-read PacBio sequencing. We are particularly keen to get a student to work on aspects of our ARC Linkage grant, investigating the evolution of a novel biochemical pathway in yeast.

  2. De novo whole genome sequencing of vertebrates, including two snakes and the cane toad. In addition to general assembly and annotation activities, the lab has a few analytical tools that would benefit from

More details of honours can be found on the BABS website, or please get in touch if you have questions about specific projects. We welcome students interested in any of our Research areas, not just the projects listed. Applications from non-UNSW students are also encouraged.

Term 3 applications

Please also note that T3 honours application open date and deadline below, should you apply for T3 intake:

  • Applications open from Friday 17th May 2019

  • Deadline for Term 3 applications is 5pm Friday 26th July 2019

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

We have a new 10x Supernova assembly lab record

One of our sequencing approaches to play with at the moment is 10x Chromium linked read, assembled with Supernova. We’ve now done a bunch of different species, and they mostly come out pretty decent - and excellent value for money. As part of the Oz Mammals Genomics project, we are currently assembling several rock-wallabies. One of them, Petrogale mareeba has just broken our lab record for the most intact assembly - initial “pseudohaploid” stats:

  • Total length of sequences: 3,329,538,806
  • Max. length of sequences: 275,258,067
  • N50 length of sequences: 47,482,977
  • L50 count of sequences: 20
  • Gap (N) length: 40,183,160 (1.21%)

Over half of the 3.3 Gb genome is covered by just twenty scaffolds, at least 47.5 Mb in length - the longest is over 275 Mb! (We normally feel pretty happy to get an N50 of a few Mb.) Cuter than a cane toad too!

Photo credit: Richard.Fisher CC BY 2.0