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Rich Edwards is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of New South Wales. Originally from southern England, Rich trained a geneticist at the University of Nottingham before moving to Dublin, Ireland to become a full time bioinformatician in 2001. The lab was established in 2007 when Rich moved to Southampton, before moving to UNSW in 2013. Click here for more information.


Collin Ahrens joined the group in January 2021 from WSU to work on the ARC Linkage Grant with the Royal Botanic Gardens to apply genomics to challenges of conservation for rainforest trees in the face of climate change and invasive pathogens.


Katarina Stuart joined the Rollins Lab in February 2018 with the Edwards Lab as her second home. Her PhD aims to use genomics to investigate evolution in the European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), particularly in respect to the population genetics of their invasion of Australia.

Harry Eyck joined the Rollins lab in Term 1 2019, with the Edwards lab as his extended academic family. Harry is working on nematodes that infect cane toads.

Stephanie Chen joined the Edwards Lab as a PhD student in May 2019, co-supervised by Jason Bragg of the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust. Her PhD focuses on landscape genomics of Myrtaceae species (includes eucalypts, paperbarks, and tea-trees) and the genetic basis of resistance to myrtle rust, which is of pressing concern to Australia’s native biodiversity.

Kelton Cheung joined the Rollins and Edwards labs in Term 3 2020 as a Scientia PhD student to develop genomic resources in the cane toad for molecular ecology. Among other things, Kelton will be working on the ongoing efforts to improve the cane toad reference genome.


Cadel Watson is a CSE student who started Honours in the Edwards lab in Term 1, 2021. Cadel is working on tools for predicting ultraconserved elements (UCEs) in eukaryotic genomes, and their application to genome assembly.

Gabriella Cozijnsen started her genetics Honours project in the lab in Term 2, 2021. Gabby’s project is to resolve and characterise the sex chromosomes in our two snakes sequenced as part of the BABS Genome Project.


Please visit the Alumni page for former lab members.

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