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Rich Edwards is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of New South Wales. Originally from southern England, Rich trained a geneticist at the University of Nottingham before moving to Dublin, Ireland to become a full time bioinformatician in 2001. The lab was established in 2007 when Rich moved to Southampton, before moving to UNSW in 2013. Click here for more information.


Åsa Perez-Bercoff joined the group in April 2015 from ANU. Her main project is the ARC Linkage Grant with Microbiogen Pty Ltd studying the evolution of novel metabolic functions. As such she studies the evolution of yeast populations and how they have evolved certain metabolic pathways. Åsa uses nextgen sequencing, PacBio long-read SMRT sequencing and RNA-Seq data to assemble and annotate yeast strains, identify variants, track their evolution and study differences in gene expression between strains and/or growth conditions.


Sobia Idrees joined the Edwards Lab in January 2016. Her PhD is focused on the bioinformatic prediction of molecular mimicry in human viruses.


Gus Severin is an Honours student in Genetics. Gus is working with Åsa on the ARC Linkage Grant with Microbiogen Pty Ltd. The focus of Gus’s project is using genomics and selection experiments to identify key genetic differences between a xylose-metabolising yeast strain of interest and “wild-type” lab strains that cannot grow on xylose.

Emily Olorin was a summer vacation research scholarship student who is now working as a part-time research assistant, updating the SLiMScape App for the latest release of Cytoscape. Her research interests include short linear motifs (SLiM) in proteins, as well as MRI analyses. Emily previously worked as part of the Cysique research group at NeuRA and for Google as an Engineering Practicum Intern. [LinkedIn|Github|Homepage]


Please visit the Alumni page for former lab members.

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