Sunday 12 October 2014

Congratulations to the #ABiC14 team for a fantastic conference!

The Edwards Lab had a couple of posters at the Australian Bioinformatics Conference (ABiC 2014) (see here and here). It was a great conference and really set the bar for future bioinformatics conferences.

“ABiC 2014: By bioinformaticians, for bioinformaticians.”

I’ve posted some reflections on what made ABiC 2014 so good over on my personal blog but wanted to reiterate my thanks and praise to the ABiC 2014 Committee for such a great meeting - and to encourage attendance of ABiC 2015, should there be one!

More details of the meeting can be found at the ABiC 2014 conference website and the #ABiC14 twitter stream.

Lab Posters

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  1. Thanks very much Richard!

    We're glad to hear you had a great time at ABiC. We've gotten positive feedback from many others as well.

    There are no plans as yet for ABiC 2015, however, we of course hope it will continue as an annual event. ABiC could possibly be held in conjunction with the annual AGTA meeting, which goes to a different city around Australia and NZ each year.