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Dr Ranjeeta Menon worked on molecular mimicry in viruses from February-December 2014. Ranjeeta did her undergraduate and Masters studies in India before completing a PhD in bioinformatics at Macquarie University. Prior to joining the lab, she worked as a Research Associate in the Lowy Cancer Research Centre at UNSW.

Dr Nicolas Palopoli was a Research Fellow in the Centre for Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton and contributes to the Structural Bioinformatics Group at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes. Nico was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on a warm November afternoon in 1982. He studied Biotechnology at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes where he also received his PhD title and started training as a Computational Biologist. After completing an 8-month stay at the Bologna Biocomputing Group and having worked as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Protein Physiology Lab, he joined the Edwards' Lab in Southampton in 2012 and was with us until late 2014. We look forward to collaborating with Nico in his new position in Argentina. Click here for more information. [Twitter]

Dr Kieren Lythgow. Former postdoc working on QSLiMFinder.

Research associates

Carla Aguilar Gomez was a visiting researcher in the lab from May to July 2019, working on SLiM prediction from cross-linking mass spectrometry data in yeast. Carla left the lab to move to Austria for a PhD in biotechnology.


Ziying Zhang was a visiting Masters student, who joined the lab at the end of October 2018 for six months. She worked on genome size prediction from kmer profiles.

Joe Jenkins. Former PhD student with the Taylor Lab in Southampton, investigating the effect of biochar addition to soil microbiomes.

Andreas Johansson was a co-supervised PhD student in the lab of Tom Bibby at the University of Southampton. He worked on transcriptome and phenotypic analysis of interesting algae with possible biofuel applications.

Dr Alex Watson-Lazowski. Former PhD student with the Taylor Lab in Southampton, using RNA-Seq to study a non-model species, Plantago lanceolata, from a naturally occurring high CO2 site to identify any potential adaptions or acclimations being driven by elevated CO2.

Dr Suzie Milner. Former PhD student with the Taylor Lab in Southampton, working on drought tolerance in poplar.

Ben Ient. Former MPhil student working on C. elegans as a model for ethanol addiction.

Dr Norman Davey. Former postgrad with Denis Shields in Dublin and long-term SLiMSuite collaborator.


Paris Thompson was an advanced science student at UNSW majoring in Genetics and Microbiology in her final trimester of undergrad coursework. She joined the lab to work on yeast genomics as a Biomolecular Science Laboratory Project (BABS3301).

Gus Severin was a 2017 Honours student in Genetics. Gus worked with Åsa Pérez-Bercoff on the ARC Linkage Grant with Microbiogen Pty Ltd. The focus of Gus’s project was to use genomics and selection experiments to identify key genetic differences between a xylose-metabolising yeast strain of interest and “wild-type” lab strains that cannot grow on xylose. Gus graduated with First Class Honours and joined Microbiogen as a staff scientist.

Yvette Aw. 2017 Summer Vacation Research Scholarship (SVRS) student, working with Sobia on molecular mimicry. Yvette’s project was trialling some of the approaches used for viral-host interactions on bacterial host-pathogen interaction data.

Peter Santosa. 3rd year Advance Science student who worked in the lab in January-February 2017 on the Summer Vacation Research Scholarship (SVRS). Peter was working on a bacterial sequencing project in collaboration with Mike Manefield at UNSW.

Jiehao Wang. Second year BABS intern and Summer Vacation Research Scholarship student, working on our comparative yeast genomics project.

Tara McDonnell. 2016 Summer research vacation scholarship student, working on SLiM enrichment in the protein-protein interaction (PPI) partners of 14-3-3 proteins.

Aran Sandrasegaran. 2015 Summer research vacation scholarship student, working on protein-protein interaction motifs in KLF and SP family transcription factors.

Kawai Lee. 2015 final year BABS3301 Research Project student investigating the use of SLiMFinder for identifying short linear motifs in which post-translational modifications are key residues.

Emily Olorin was a 2014 summer vacation research scholarship student and part-time research assistant, updating the SLiMScape App for the latest release of Cytoscape.

Eddie Ip. 2014 Summer research vacation scholarship student, working on motif enrichment in protein-protein interaction data.

Armella Zadoorian. 2014 Second year BABS intern working on protein-protein interaction motifs in cancer.

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